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Home of The Good Story

A childhood love of reading has become a lifelong passion for books. We love the good story that surprises us and makes us think. Stories that tingle our imagination. Stories you just have to share with someone.

As Scandinavians we literally see the world from a different angle. We are shaped by white summer nights, cold winter mornings and a strong community feeling. You will sense our background in our stories.

The goal for Lindbak + Lindbak is to become the home of many good stories.

We can’t wait to share them with you.

A Green Outlook on The World

Another important driver behind Lindbak + Lindbak is a green outlook on the world. Our books are printed on eco-friendly paper, and we donate part of our profit to environmental projects.

We are not preaching. We just believe that we are all caretakers of the world.

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Lindbak + Lindbak
Nordic Publishing House

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