Petra Obrovská

Petra Obrovská

Petra Obrovská is an animator, illustrator and nomadic soul.

Her passion for drawing started to be expressed as soon as she could hold a pencil, as she allowed her imagination to unfold on paper, books and walls. Her talent combined with dedication turned doodles into presentable pictures and further evolved into career in an art field.

She obtained Master of Arts degree in animation at Tomas Bata University in Czech Republic and studied traditional Indonesian art at the Institute of Art in Denpasar. In her work  she likes to create comic and weird drawings for fun as well as cover powerful stories with deeper meaning and more complex visual. She is passionate about exploring new techniques, visual styles, topics and stories.

She gets inspired by nature, psychology, mythologies from all around the world, traditional and primitive art as well as comics and street art. She is travelling the world and climbing mountains in constant search for further inspiration, knowledge and experiences which might or might not be turned into art.

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