By the rivers of Babylon

Critically acclaimed crime story with a historical twist based on a true story.

Selling points
  Captivating, unpredictable plot
  Strong-willed, edgy characters
  Based on a true story
  Critically acclaimed

About the book
When a former Danish officer is found murdered in the US, his body staged as Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream, a team of Danish investigators is sent to assist the FBI in solving the murder. Wonderkid Maya Winther – a young, ambitious and lippy police sergeant specialising in criminal psychology – is part of the team.

The investigation takes another eerie turn when a member of the team is found murdered. Once again, the body and the crime scene are staged as a famous painting, and they soon realise they are facing a cunning and intelligent serial killer with a motive that is somehow connected to a forgotten and sombre chapter of American history.

By The Rivers Of Babylon is a thrilling page-turner that has all the ingredients of a nail-biting crime novel: murder, suspense and romance. The gallery of characters is crammed with interesting, strong-willed personalities, not least FBI agent Jack DeLuca – who, like Maya, is scarred by the past.

This crime novel’s point of departure is an authentic narrative that unfolds in the setting of the small Malaga Island, off the coast of Maine in the US. Debut author Malene Klein has done some amazing research digging out all the uncanny historical details that form the basis of the book.

By The Rivers Of Babylon is the first book in a planned series about Maya Winther.


Title: By the rivers of Babylon
Series: Maya Winther #1
Author: Malene Klein
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm
Soft Cover
Pages:  448
ISBN: 978-87-93695-47-4

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