The Dawn of Skye

The first book in the series of The Someday Children


Skye and her twin brother, Ecco, struggle to survive in a world without grown-ups. For five years they have lived alone in the woods. But they are not the only ones. Other groups of children wander in the wilderness. Some are enemies. Others are friends. Who can they trust? Skye and Ecco soon find out how far they are willing to go to survive. And what about the mysterious disease that killed all the grown-ups – has it returned?

When Skye’s world once again falls into pieces, she almost loses all hope. In her struggle to survive Skye fears she will only find darkness and pain but instead she finds something unexpected. Two strangers will change her life. One is strong, blond, and a natural born leader. The other one is dark and full of secrets. Skye’s heart is feeling something new. She’s feeling torn. Who will she choose? The one that only sees her good side or the one that knows her darkest secrets?

Everyone has something to hide.

A story about survival, friendship, hope and love.



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